Welcome to Polish Community Center in Utica, NY

The Polish Home was established in 1910. Previously the building was a church; it was modernized and transformed to the Polish Community Center. Over the last 97 years the building continued to be improved, especially the ballroom. Shortly after establishment, Polish Home became a place for many cultural and entertaining events. It also became and still is used by many to host private events.

Today the Polish Home is a home for many Polish organizations: White Eagle Association, Copernicus Association, and Gen. Pulaski Association. Each organization is known to host a t least one major event: the spring ball and fall ball by White Eagle, Copernicus Ball, Pulaski dinner, and Christmas Eve dinner by the Polish Home.

In the early days of the establishment the massive contribution of labor and financial help from local Polish communities allowed the center to bloom for many years. Soon the center was able to sustain itself by hosting various festivities, events, and by renting the ballroom for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other private celebrations.

The center seeing bright days, however it has also seen dark days. A major problem has reviled itself in recent years due to higher up keep expenses, energy expenses, and decrease in rental of the ballroom. It has placed the building in possible closure of its doors. Without having non-profit status, the center was required to pay federal, state, and local taxes. Soon the center found itself in debt that included the interest accrued for the debt. In summer 2007, the officers, members, and friends of the Polish Home held a meeting to discuss the strategy for recovering from the debt. One of the options was to relinquish the building to the city, which would cause the center to cease operations and close its doors. None of the members wanted to proceed with this option, many had tears in their eyes with the thought of the Polish Home closing its doors. The members have decided to revive the center by turning to the Polish community for financial help, by organizing more events to generate more income, and by obtaining a non-profit status to eliminate taxes which the Polish Home should have never been required to pay. Many members have declared a direct help, to name a few: President of the Polish Home Zdzislaw (Jeff) Karas, Vice President Ryszard (Richard) Noga, doctor Ryszard (Richard) Chmielewski, choreographers of Little Poland Dance Ensemble Ela and Rafal Pawlowski, Valerie Elaqua, Jan Ossowski, Janek Mroczek, Kinga and Marek Koscinski, and attorney Loraine Lewandrowski who has offered here services for free to bring Polish Home into a non-profit organization. The center also thanks those who have helped in any way. The associations of White Eagle, Pulaski, and Copernicus have also declared their help. To generate more income, the Polish Home has organized Polish Culture days and New Year's ball, which many have taken part in. Part of the debt has been paid, and Polish Home is in the process of obtaining a non-profit status.

Today the Polish Home has greater possibility than 6 months ago to be saved, which will serve for us and future generations as the Polish Center. However, the process of hard and dedicated revival of our Polish Community Center is not yet over. We have to remember that the Polish Home still is in danger and needs our help, help of those with caring heart, those who are not shy of their Polish heritage, those who's patriotism is not unfamiliar, those whom it's important to maintain Polish traditions and culture, as well as your and mine help.

In 2010 the Polish Home will celebrate 100th Anniversary. Remember, that the celebration of this great event depends on all of us. Help us meet that goal by attending our festivities. Visit the events page to see upcoming festivities.

810 Columbia St.
Utica, NY